The epistle of James says that reading the Bible should be like gazing into a mirror—we should look for a true reflection of ourselves and note the changes that need to be made in our lives. Practically speaking, how is this done?

Walk  begins with a helpful explanation of the role that the Holy Spirit plays in this process. Then it teaches a simple-to-use four step method for enabling Bible readers to become Bible doers. This method is made memorable with the acronym COMA.

For every passage you read, you will learn how to: discover its (c)ontext; make (o)bservations about what’s important in the text; determine God’s (m)essage from one of those observations; and craft an (a)pplication of that message for your everyday life.

Walk, like the entire Bible Savvy series, comes with a study guide that has been prepared by small group experts to stimulate both personal learning and life-impacting discussions.