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Jim Nicodem has been the senior pastor of Christ Community Church since its start in 1984.

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“Do you wish you were a better prayer?” Pose this question to any believer and the answer would likely be a resounding “yes!”  That’s where Jim Nicodem’s first book, Prayer Coach, comes in. This book is not just an excellent read but is intended to be a great tool to deepen your prayer life and relationship with God.




What others have said about Prayer Coach:

This book had a singular effect on me. . . . It made me want to pray more.

—Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church and Author of Too Busy Not to Pray

When I think of my friend Jim, the word prayer always comes to mind. I’m thankful he has distilled his lifetime of insights and practices into this wonderfully accessible and practical book.

— Lee Strobel, Author of the Case for the Real Jesus

Are you wondering how to grow in your prayer life? Nicodem offers practical suggestions for you to consider, helpful tips that come straight from his own personal experience as a follower of Christ and a pastor.

— Franklin Graham, President and CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse

I just want to thank you for writing Prayer Coach.  I have done many studies in my life, this study is changing me.  I’m in the Chapter 3 and I’m on the Thank you’s.  I couldn’t let another minute go by without saying thank you. Thanks for writing this book.  Thanks for teaching us how to pray better,  How to do praise God more, how to be more thankful, to intercede for my family members, friends, the lost, my church, my fellow Christian believer’s and the Persecuted church. Since my children were little I’ve always prayed the Armour of God with scriptures but thank you for putting new meaning on it. Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you. My son Daniel told me about this book. Now I’m going to tell everyone to do it too. Looking forward to finishing this book and your next book and especially the next time you preach.

Sincerely yours,

— Kathy Salzmann

Pastor Jim, I wanted to thank you for writing “Prayer Coach”, it is definitely moving me to new heights in my prayer life – still a long way to go. I have been a high school small group leader for last 6 years and I currently have Seniors and Juniors that are hungry to improve their prayer life. We are going to be going over your book in our small group for the next couple months.

— Dave Sollie

I got it out last week and have begun a wonderful journey with you. – You, my friend have written an EXCELLENT book! I am tempted to say that it’s the best book on prayer I’ve ever read. I’m trying to figure out an excuse to take my staff through it soon.

Thanks for pouring your heart into this thing. It is really good. No doubt it is benefitting a lot of believers, and God is smiling as we communicate more and better with Him.

— Dr. Hal Seed, New Song Church

Prayer Coach tells the truth. Prayer is hard; you will not always keep to your sacred habits; you can flub up; you may forget … and he acknowledges this sort of thing and encourages you to move forward.

— Kevin Kasper