Skeptics often complain that the Bible can be used to prove just about anything. The skeptics are right—if the basic ground rules for understanding the Bible are ignored. Just as with any great piece of literature (e.g. Shakespeare’s plays, Tolstoy’s novels, Frost’s

poems), the Bible must be interpreted according to certain guidelines, which scholars refer to as hermeneutics. (Hermes was the mythical Greek god who brought messages from the gods to people).

Context is a mini-course in hermeneutics. Discover how to accurately interpret a Bible passage by unpacking its: historical setting; literary genre (there are a variety of these in Scripture); and key theological issues. Learn how to use a few simple study tools. Context is for everyone from first-time readers to Bible study leaders.

Context, like the entire Bible Savvy series, comes with a study guide that has been prepared by small group experts to stimulate both personal learning and life-impacting discussions.